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The project is set in the context of a real boom of takeaway and home delivery, with a stimulating and attractive proposal in a fully developed but absolutely successful industry, like the pizza business. It responds to the increasingly widespread needs of the out-of-home-eating trends by fully grasping some of the dominant topics: rediscovery of genuine and handicraft products, coverage of different consumption occasions, the need for speed in access and the enjoyment of the meal, both at the workplace and at home, the possibility of deconstructing the meal itself, paying attention to the costs but at the same time to the recovery of taste and quality.
The concept is, first of all, characterized by the excellent value for money of a product that is one of the most transversal and appreciated products of the Italian food context. The positioning of the offer combines the attention to the price with the genuineness of the ingredients used, the accuracy of the preparation, the taste and the quality of the products. We focus on the Italian-quality offer, contrary to the various ethnic proposals that characterize the panorama of take-away and home delivery meals.
Don Basilico develops in the main modalities of take-away and home delivery services, with a few stools and shelfs for those awaiting the service and / or for a frugal consumption on the spot. The products are served in a modern and attractive environment: today, even in a takeaway pizzeria, the client expects to find a pleasant setting for his shopping experience.
“In the beginning, we did everything ourselves - says Ranieri Bivi - choosing ourselves the location, furnishing the premises craftily and improving them day by day, while working inside them. It was hard. We have always given priority to the product, but later we realized that the structure, as well as substance, counts. Whoever opens a Don Basilico pizzeria today, finds substance and structure, thanks to the know-how that we have acquired over time. “Home delivery orders can be made through a special downloadable app on smartphones, directly online from the website or through the traditional phone call system.
For new openings, we hypothesize a localization in cities or towns with a catchment area of not less than 50,000 inhabitants, within a 15-minute reach by scooter, a location close to the centre of the city, in commercial streets with excellent traffic flow, in the centre and with the possibility of a car stop. Strategic is also the location in high-density residential areas and areas with numerous offices or industries. Positioning must be very visible, with entry and road signage, in a respectable position.
The pizzeria must have a variable surface between 30 and 60 square meters. The layout, modern and attractive, fits in the conversion of bars, small restaurants and other craft activities, already dealing with food. A minimum of four scooters available for home delivery is requested. Each pizzeria manages deliveries in a 7 km-distance.
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